"Modern Art Catering did an awesome job with our wedding at Castle Green in Pasadena, CA. Service was impeccable and food presentation and taste is top notch. EVERYONE gave compliments on the and service. We definitely made the right choice!”

~ Hue L.

“Matt is a gifted culinary artist. His presentation was fantastic. Each course was beyond imagination. I can’t wait to ask him back.”

~ Peter Fonda, Actor

“The thing about Chef Matt is he’s a gourmet chef – and even if you’re working on a small budget, it makes a difference. He cares about the quality, and the taste. I can’t say that about most indie film caterers. Plus, he’s a classy guy.”

~ Michel Younesi, Indie Film Producer

“The food was amazing! So fresh, healthy and delicious. Although we were all focused on the matters at hand during our meeting, Modern Art Catering provided exciting food that distracted us during our breaks.”

~ Lululemon Corp.

“Matt has an innate gift for understanding food, and understanding people who enjoy great food. We are all very fortunate he decided to share his gift. I recommend MAC highly!”

~ Geri Wheelis, Harris-Ginsberg LLP

“Our 2010 Holiday Party was a huge success due to the beautifully-presented and delicious food of Chef Matt Antoun and Modern Art Catering. The setting was the newly expanded Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills which we designed, with Joan Mitchell’s abstract expressionist artworks as the backdrop. Our cocktail party theme was “Food As Art” and I asked Chef Matt to design a selection of hors d’oeuvres inspired by a collection of famous works of modern art by Picasso, Rothko, Hockney, Albers, Flavin, Miró, Hirst. Matt’s interpretation of these masters’ artworks in the form of delicate bites was not only inspired and beautiful to look at, but absolutely yummy. Chef Matt has a good eye for presentation and his staff was utterly professional. Modern Art Catering made our evening a very special occasion.”

~ Lori East, Richard Meier & Partners Architects